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Chrome extension Hola or users who use the MEW service within 24 hours of the attack need to transfer funds

Myetherwallet posted an urgent message. If users install the Chrome extension Hola and use the MEW service within 24 hours, please transfer funds to the new account immediately. Hola was attacked 5 hours ago and the attacker tracked user activity on the MEW.

Li Xiaolai said that Chen Weixing has defrauded hundreds of millions of dollars from bank fraud.

Today, Li Xiaolai said in Weibo that Chen Weixing has signed many fake contracts and swindled hundreds of millions of dollars from the bank.
Later, Chen Weixing responded: I don’t just have a personal loan. My related company has only one 5 million credit loan for the bank. My fund also has only one structured capital allocation for investment vehicles and homes. The question about the dollar borrowing in the recording edited by Li Xiaolai is that I talked about the meaning of the blockchain to the world in a private liquor bureau, involving the issue of dollar hegemony. This academic problem was forged and turned into a fraudulent loan to the bank.

BM: EOS current stage TPS peak can exceed 1000

According to IMEOS news, today’s EOS main network airdrop token ADD project party said that the first test will be conducted on the EOS main network on July 10, 2018. The test initiated this time is the actual TPS test generated using the real transaction of the EOS main network. BM knows: “The current TPS peak of EOS will exceed 1000.”

D network will open the futures real trading contest (promotion) at 10:00 on July 16

According to the official news of D network (DEW), it will officially start the futures real trading contest at 10:00 on July 16. The competition will adopt a new system of “player competition + user quiz + fans to buy horses” multi-track synchronous operation. The winner of the competition will receive 50% of the prize pool and 50% will be awarded by the champion team. In addition, the fan team that guessed the winner of the championship will also receive a guarantee prize, and the winner team will also have three lucky fans to win the lucky prize. It is reported that the contest will end at 20:00 on July 22, 2018. The D network “the most cattle futures trader” will also be produced at 21:00 on July 22.

CoinPark exchange bitcoin quotes instantly fell below $1,000

CoinPark exchange bitcoin quotes instantly fell below $1,000
According to the “Coin World” query on the Coinpark exchange, BTC quotation on the platform to a minimum of 994 US dollars. As you can see from the K-line chart, it has been stable at around $6,600, but at around 10:30, it was suddenly smashed and smashed to around $990, but because it was too small, it was pulled back to $6,600, but it was here. At the same time, three waves were smashed, and the BTC on CoinPark was directly smashed to about $940.